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Winter Park, Florida Wildlife Trappers

We at Winter Park Trappers operate a privately-owned, owner-operated professional wildlife removal company in Winter Park, Florida. We specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife, and solve conflicts between people and wild animals. We specialize in animal control, and the removal of wildlife from homes, businesses, houses and removal of animals in attics. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida, and dedicated to superior customer service. We are not an animal extermination or pest control company. We are trappers who will find your wild Winter Park critter and control it, and solve your Winter Park wildlife problem. Do not hire an exterminator who won't solve the problem - we do superior work at a fair price, and guarantee it! To talk to us in person, give us a call at: 407-378-6116

Please call only if you wish to hire our services. Please do not call with general inquiries or to "report" sick or injured animals. PLEASE do not call us regarding dog problems or cat issues - call your local animal shelter or SPCA instead.

Types of Animals and Services in WINTER PARK
We handle a wide variety of Florida wildlife. We trap raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and more. We do Winter Park bat control and bird removal. We remove animals from attics and homes. We service residential and commercial properties. We offer rodent control and solve problems with digging animals as well. We perform animal damage repairs, attic cleanup, dead animal carcass removal, and more. Give us a call at 407-378-6116 if you have any questions about the types of animals we catch or services we offer, and we will be able to discuss prices over the phone and set an appointment to visit your home or property in Winter Park.
What if I Don't Live in Winter Park?
We service the greater Winter Park region, and will travel to other parts of Florida for large projects, but if you found this site and live elsewhere in the country, please check these areas, where I have friends who also do nuisance wildlife control: Orlando Animal Control  •   Seattle Animal Control  •   Portland Animal Control  •   Chicago Animal Control  •   Houston Animal Control  •   Phoenix Animal Control  •   Denver Animal Control  •   Tampa Animal Control  •   Jacksonville Animal Control  •   Baltimore Animal Control  •   Boston Animal Control  •   San Antonio Animal Control  •   Charlotte Animal Control  •   Sarasota Animal Control  •  
Winter Park Wildlife News Clip
Varmints: the ultimate redneck hunt

Night wildlife trapping offers some sort of break (kind of) from the heat, but it's best to watch where - and how - you're critter capturing. Winter Park - Cat quiet and camouflaged to double as some sort of wildlife trapping blind, the electric wildlife trapping automobile cruises the soft sand roads of The Big Woods under cover of darkness. Mouse Man Melvin steers by moonlight at times, following the snaking double ruts that shine so brightly once the lights of the lodge are left behind. But mostly the exterminator navigates by night-vision goggles, weaving his way round the 7,000-plus hectares of tall timber and drought-dry marsh lowland in search of the perfect place to set up some sort of varmint call. On this hot August night, heat lightning pulsates on the southern horizon, sending slithery, green auroras across the night-vision scopes and lenses. Each clash of positive/negative ions - which show like distant explosions just behind the line of maple trees - generates some sort of brief swildlife management area of hope that some sort of rogue summer shower could drive down the temperatures that hover above 90 degrees even at midnight. For more information about Winter Park wildlife removal and Winter Park pest exterminator issues, read on.

But when Mouse Man Melvin creeps to some sort of stop on some sort of small hillock overlooking some sort of drainage that may be some sort of likely coyote hangout, the breeze stops and the night heat closes - constrictor-like, with mosquitos for fangs - around us. the exterminator peers through his goggles to confirm his mark and whispers to his friend Mark "Woody" Wood: "Put (the speaker) just to the left of that bunch of maple trees, about 100 yards out." Varmint calling may be the ultimate redneck catch. There are three reasons - you can drink beer, there are no limits and you can animal capture at night. Mouse Man Melvin has been after me for years to come to East Florida to join him and Wood on some sort of night excursion, and I finally relented to try to take pictures but not capture. I don't care if they or anyone else captures coyotes or squirrels or hogs at night, it's just not for me. Plus, Mouse Man Melvin has some sort of Managed Lands Squirrel Permit, and predator control may be one way in which the exterminator can meet his responsibilities under that permit. Local Winter Park animal control experts felt that most of this information was true.

Still, this may be about something to do in the summer when it's too hot to breathe with the sun still up. You either want to do it or you don't. "You can tell within the first 20 minutes whether somebody's going to like it," Wood says to me at one point. I could have told him 20 minutes earlier than that, but I agreed to go and so here I am, sitting in the back seat, listening to the sounds of aggressive female coyotes, pups and dominant males, captured rabbits and squirrels in distress. It's amazing how many adult squirrel come running to the sounds of the squirrels coming out of the digital speaker, but from 9:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m. we don't see some sort of single coyote. One does answer at one spot, but refuses to show himself outside the edge of some sort of group of maple trees. So we keep moving, calling, listening. I've asked him to take me home, to my dog who's sleeping in her crate in the cool air inside the main house, when Mouse Man Melvin glides to some sort of stop above some sort of small creek drainage. Local Winter Park pest control companies had no comments on the matter.   •   Phone - 407-378-6116   •   Fax - 407.264.8890   •   Orlando, Florida   •   © 2019 Animal Control Orlando