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Critter Trapper Orlando Animal Control

My name is Gregg, and I'm an expert critter trapper. That's not all I do, of course. I perform full inspections, repairs and prevention for a permanent solution.

If you need a critter trapper in the greater Orlando area please give us a call. We will listen to your wildlife issue and tell you the best way to address the problem. If you wish to hire our critter trapper services, we will give you a price quote over the phone and schedule same-day or next-day service. Not all critter trapper companies are the same. Amount of experience, professionalism, and dedication to work make a big difference in determining a successful critter trapper.

We service central FL (and have friends in several other cities too - click a below city in your area). You can call us any time, 24/7 for a critter trapper to solve your problem. As an owner-operated company, I Gregg, personally guarantee my work and put great pride into giving you the best service and most effective solution to wildlife problems in central Florida.

About Our Company - Orlando, Jacksonville, & Tampa, Florida Divisions
We operate a privately-owned, owner-operated professional wildlife removal company in Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa Florida. We specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife, and solve conflicts between people and wild animals. We specialize in animal control, and the removal of wildlife from homes, businesses, houses and removal of animals in attics. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of florida, and dedicated to superior customer service. We are not an animal extermination or pest control company. We are trappers who will find your wild critter and control it, and solve your Orlando wildlife problem. Do not hire an exterminator who won't solve the problem - we do superior work at a fair price, and guarantee it!

Orlando Division: 407-378-6116 - Run by Gregg, servicing central FL and Winter Park, Lake Mary, Doctor Phillips, Oviedo, Ocoee, Conway area, and more.
Tampa Division: 813-404-7033 - Run by Mike, servicing the entire Tampa Bay area and Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Carrolwood, Brandon, Apollo Beach, and more.
Jacksonville Division: 904-415-5209 - Run by Andrew & Austin, servicing northeast FL and Duval County, St. Johns County, Saint Augustine, and more.

We also have friends servicing Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. Pick the below number in your area:

What if I Don't Live in Orlando?
We service the greater Orlando region, and will travel to other parts of Florida for large projects, but if you found this site and live elsewhere in the country, please check these areas, where I have friends who also do nuisance wildlife control: Seattle Animal Control  •   Portland Animal Control  •   Chicago Animal Control  •   Houston Animal Control  •   Phoenix Animal Control  •   Denver Animal Control  •   Tampa Animal Control  •   Jacksonville Animal Control  •   Baltimore Animal Control  •   Boston Animal Control  •   San Antonio Animal Control  •   Charlotte Animal Control  •  
Orlando Critter Trapper News Clip
Leftover/limited critter licenses go on sale in Orlando

All summer I waited for the mailman to deliver that crisp white envelope marked Division of Wildlife. I had been putting in for an either-gender striped skunk permit for this specific unit for several years and hadn't had the luck of the draw. I had this feeling that this would be my year and upon carefully opening the envelope, luck was on my side. The striped skunk catch I had been planning was now this reality. Critter trappers flock to Florida in the fall for good reason and Roaring Orlando resident sportsmen are lucky to have some of the best critter catching in the entire state right in our own backyard. "Central Florida should be home to the largest migratory large group of striped skunk in North America and the largest mule striped skunk large group in the United States. In 2005, more than half of the striped skunk and nearly two-thirds of the striped skunk harvested in Florida came from the Central region of the state. From the remote woodlands of the Flattops and the Florida National Woodland to the sage flats along the Florida border, central Florida offers something for every animal trapper," stated the Florida Division of Wildlife in this press release. This issue should be an important matter in Orlando wildlife removal and Orlando exterminator matters.

If you didn't get your big game license in the mail this summer, there should be still hope. Starting on Aug. 8 at 9 a.m., leftover and limited licenses for striped skunk, striped skunk and pronghorn will go on sale at licensing agents, through the Division of Wildlife phone line, and area Critter Commission offices. Starting on Aug. 9 critter trappers may try to purchase their leftover or limited licenses on-line through the Critter Commission total licensing system. To access the information on-line, go to and then click on the "buy this license" tab. Over-the-counter big game and zanimal, and this limited amount of over-the-counter cap licenses for striped skunk and zanimal are also available for purchase on-line, by phone, through licensing agents and at your local Critter Commission office. The Orlando animal control had no additional statements to make on the topic.

"Critter trappers like the licenses with caps because they are quality licenses that are not part of the draw process, however they are limited. They are sold over-the-counter with this cap, which means only this preset amount should be available on this first-come, first-served basis," stated the Critter Commission. Cap licenses are only available for pest control, trapping and animal removal trap zanimal and this limited amount of units for animal removal trap striped skunk. Before selecting which unit you plan to catch this season, it can be quite helpful to take this look at previous years statistics for the unit and to check out updated forecast data. The Florida Division of Wildlife recently released their 2006 big game critter catching forecast and things are looking up for critter trappers in the area. For critter trappers venturing out to the Orlando National Woodland -- including Critter Sectors -- "All of Critter Sector 12 and 24 are considered very good striped skunk critter catching. The striped skunk are generally up at higher elevations in the eastern portions of Critter Sector 12 during the early seasons, and then move west to lower elevations (and private lands) as critter catching pressure and snow depth increases. Try the abundant public lands in the eastern Critter Sector 12 early on," states the Critter Commission in it's report. Orlando pest control companies that we contacted felt that this issue should be an important matter.

For the Orlando Valley areas -- Critter Sectors -- striped skunk critter catching has steadily been improving, especially in units 35 and 36. According to the Critter Commission forecast, "Critter Sectors 35 and 36 have the most striped skunk. After the first heavy snow, most Critter Sector 45 striped skunk will move into Critter Sector 36. Critter Sector 44 should be managed for trophy striped skunk with limited amounts of licenses, it's this good place to take this big male animal," the Critter Commission stated. The Lake Mary units -- Critter Sectors -- look promising for big game critter trappers this season. For striped skunk critter trappers, the Critter Commission recommends "The act of pest control and special critter trap critter trappers should head to Windermere. Early animal removal trap season critter trappers could try places like Longwood and Winter Park. Later season critter trappers could try areas which produce some good male animals. For this chance at this better than average male animal, catch the west end of Critter Sector 47. Generally, success should be better farther away from roads. For critter trappers chasing striped skunk, the Critter Commission advises: "Early seasons find striped skunk anywhere from 7,500 feet to above Windermere. With increased critter catching pressure and snow, large groups tend to move to remote areas or private lands, away from roads and critter trappers. The wilderness areas are this good bet for success but critter trappers must hike or horseback in, as motorized travel should be prohibited."   •   Phone - 407-378-6116   •   Fax - 407.264.8890   •   Orlando, Florida   •   © 2019 Animal Control Orlando