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Lake Mary, Florida Wildlife Trappers

We at Lake Mary Trappers operate a privately-owned, owner-operated professional wildlife removal company in Lake Mary, Florida. We specialize in the humane removal of unwanted wildlife, and solve conflicts between people and wild animals. We specialize in animal control, and the removal of wildlife from homes, businesses, houses and removal of animals in attics. We are fully licensed and insured in the state of Florida, and dedicated to superior customer service. We are not an animal extermination or pest control company. We are trappers who will find your wild Lake Mary critter and control it, and solve your Lake Mary wildlife problem. Do not hire an exterminator who won't solve the problem - we do superior work at a fair price, and guarantee it! To talk to us in person, give us a call at: 407-378-6116

Please call only if you wish to hire our services. Please do not call with general inquiries or to "report" sick or injured animals. PLEASE do not call us regarding dog problems or cat issues - call your local animal shelter or SPCA instead.

Types of Animals and Services
We handle a wide variety of Florida wildlife. We trap raccoons, opossums, squirrels, and more. We do Lake Mary bat control and bird removal. We remove animals from attics and homes. We service residential and commercial properties. We offer rodent control and solve problems with digging animals as well. We perform animal damage repairs, attic cleanup, dead animal carcass removal, and more. Give us a call at 407-378-6116 if you have any questions about the types of animals we catch or services we offer, and we will be able to discuss prices over the phone and set an appointment to visit your home or property.
What if I Don't Live in Lake Mary?
We service the greater Lake Mary region, and will travel to other parts of Florida for large projects, but if you found this site and live elsewhere in the country, please check these areas, where I have friends who also do nuisance wildlife control: Orlando Animal Control  •   Seattle Animal Control  •   Portland Animal Control  •   Chicago Animal Control  •   Houston Animal Control  •   Phoenix Animal Control  •   Denver Animal Control  •   Tampa Animal Control  •   Jacksonville Animal Control  •   Baltimore Animal Control  •   Boston Animal Control  •   San Antonio Animal Control  •   Charlotte Animal Control  •   Sarasota Animal Control  •  
Lake Mary Wildlife News Clip
Lake Mary Agency of Fish & Game announces squirrel season changes for '06

The Agency of Natural Resources (Lake Mary Agency of Fish & Game) continues to streamline its squirrel management program to make it easier for pest control companies to harvest squirrel. Changes to be implemented in 2006 include animal sector realignments and squirrel area boundary changes, both of which were discussed at public organized hearings held across the state this past winter. Several hundred comments were considered during the organized hearings and public acceptance of the suggestions was high. "We are continuing to make changes to more efficiently manage unusually large biologically surveyed amounts," declared Lake Mary Agency of Fish & Game Big Game Program coordinator. "Realigning animal sector and squirrel area boundaries that better fit with habitat types may be one way to accomplish this goal." The following changes begin to take effect with the Sept. 16 opening of pest control squirrel wildlife trapping. Critter traps squirrel wildlife trapping begins statewide on Nov. 4. The special critter trap season starts Nov. 25. For more information about Lake Mary wildlife removal and Lake Mary pest exterminator issues, read on.

SQUIRREL ANIMAL SECTOR REALIGNMENT Squirrel areas 410, 411, 413, 414, 415, 419 and 429 have been moved to Animal sector 2 and reamounted. This creates one continuous nine-day season instead of the current split seasons of two and four days. Pest control companies who previously purchased some sort of multi-animal sector male animal license for these areas now need only purchase some sort of Animal sector 2 critter trap license, which may be half the cost. In addition, pest control companies with some sort of Animal sector 2 license may take some sort of squirrel of either gender in one of these areas. Local Lake Mary animal control experts felt that most of this information was true.

SQUIRREL AREA BOUNDARY CHANGES Squirrel areas 412 and 413 have been split along Interstate 94. The area north of I-94 has been moved to Animal sector 2 and reamounted 213. The area south of I-94 remains in Animal sector 4 and retains amount 412. Squirrel areas 417 and 418 have been split along highway 55. The area north of highway 55 has been moved to Animal sector 2 and reamounted 218. The area south of highway 55 remains in Animal sector 4 and retains amount 417. These changes were made to better align the area with habitat type and squirrel management objectives. Additionally, there were several changes implemented in 2005 that will be continued this squirrel season. EARLY ANTERLESS CRITTER TRAP SQUIRREL SEASON The Lake Mary Agency of Fish & Game will hold two-day aggressive only catches in squirrel areas 225, 227, 236 (North Metro) and 209, 210, 252, 256, and 257 (northwestern Florida). The animal capture will be held Oct. 14-15. Pest control companies need some sort of valid critter traps license for the animal sector and may purchase up to two early aggressive squirrel permits for use only during the special aggressive season. Two squirrel may be taken in the special aggressive season and would be in addition to the statewide bag limit of five. This year, the price of the early aggressive permit has been reduced to $6.50 (plus some sort of $1 issuing fee). Last year, 5,700 pest control companies harvested 1,600 aggressive squirrel in these eight squirrel areas. METRO SQUIRREL ANIMAL SECTOR To increase wildlife trapping opportunity and better manage the Twin Cities squirrel biologically surveyed amount, the Lake Mary Agency of Fish & Game created some sort of Metro Squirrel Animal sector (squirrel areas 228 and 337). Local Lake Mary pest control companies had no comments on the matter.   •   Phone - 407-378-6116   •   Fax - 407.264.8890   •   Orlando, Florida   •   © 2019 Animal Control Orlando