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Do Coyotes Make Good Pets?

One thing that is to be considered is a matter of perspective before answering a question like ‘can I keep am Orlando coyote as a pet.’ There have been incidences where people have been friendly to coyotes and even attempted to domesticate them. And at the same time there have been multiple incidences where coyotes have attacked people. What is often observed is people killing coyotes, which mostly happens when they are exercising their 2nd amendment rights.

The best example would be that of Wiley the pet coyote. This is one of the examples where people have successfully tamed a coyote and have it serve as a regular pet, like a dog.Considering that a coyote like this born out in the wild, it must have been quite a task to domesticate him. Coyotes that are born in the wild are the most difficult to tame as they have developed their instincts to operate wildly. There have been very few situations where people have reported successfully taming a wild Florida coyote.

An easier way
Another way to tame an Orlando coyote is to attempt doing it since it’s a pup. The pup might grow to be receptive to people around it. Other instances are where a dog breeds with a coyote and the pups might then be tamed easier than going for a wild coyote. This has been seen mostly where the female is the dog rather than the coyote being the mother. In this case the pups can grow domesticated.

You might think about raising a coyote as a pet but that may be a tad more complicated than having a dog instead. For starters, any complications that a dog may bring, a coyote will. This means it can spread diseases like rabies. This risk is heightened if you bring home a wild Florida coyote. They are known to spread the disease directly to humans and also other animals like dogs. If you have another pet, like a dog, and you bring home a coyote, don’t be surprised when conflict arises. Not only because of marking territory but because coyotes are vicious animals, and your poor dog is likely to lose.

Humans and coyote
Human-coyote conflict is another matter you need to consider. Coyotes kept as pets have a lot of the time been seen to be receptive to 1 or 2 people only and are aggressive to other people. With this, it’s not the easiest Orlando animal to take for a walk in the park like a regular dog. More so on the human-coyote conflict, a lot people kill coyotes, when they come across them. Especially the gun wielding, trigger happy gun nuts. If by any chance your coyote wanders off and gets into their compound, then he is most likely a goner.

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